Löwe Intiutive Recruiter (LIR)

We recruit and staff in Norrköping, Linköping, Västervik, Uppsala, Stockholm 

Löwe's AI algorithm can be customized and thus also reviews all incoming CV's based on the competence criteria set by the customer. The difference between our AI and our competitors is that it is capable of examining the language of a CV at a detailed level and can really understand linguistic nuances in order to determine if, for example, a person is proficient in technical Swedish. 

We only use AI in the first selection round, which we believe is where AI should be used in a recruitment process. It is easier to interview 20 potential candidates for an advertised position than 100 potential candidates after the first sample review. 

Your company's HR department does not have to spend countless days to go through all the applications as Löwe Intiutive Recruiter does it for you! LIR reviews all applications submitted to the advertised position, in-depth analyzes the linguistic nuance of each application and delivers relevant candidates in hours instead of days after the time for applying for the advertised position has expired.

We use Löwe Intiutive Recruiter LIR as a complement to our way of working and can thus guarantee an impartial and object recruitment process, from publishing a job advertisement to signing an employment contract with a candidate, in 30 days. 

If your company uses Löwe Rekrytering AB to manage the entire recruitment process, we have an exclusivity clause until our candidate starts the employment with your company. 

Löwe Intiutive Recruiter (LIR) can also be adapted to review the performance of existing employees when a company is to evaluate its personnel or cut staff. Read more here