30 days recruitment process

Our 30 Day Recruitment Process from ax to loaf 

We review your employer needs and conduct a thorough analysis to obtain a syllabus requirements profile. When the work requirements profile and social requirements profile are created, an advertisement is written and then the right ad channels are also selected. As experts in candidate behavior, we find the right media channel and communication solution for you to reach your desired target group. Our goal is that as many people as possible with the right social and work skills apply for the advertised service

However, we believe in the principle of "cards on the table" which means employers and employees. This means that the parties have a mutual obligation to explain from their employer all the tasks (including the less fun) in the advertised service, but also that the candidate has good self-knowledge and fully explains his own personality.

Our unique questions in CV registration enable the social skills to be more weighted than before in order to prevent a wrong recruitment. 

Unfortunately, we have seen a development where employers write a job advertisement highlighting only the positive aspects of the advertised service and where the candidates submit CVs and highlighting the positive aspects of the personality to match the positive aspects of an advertised service. 

LIR grades among all applications received through our CV registrar. The candidates are then able to answer well-balanced questions in writing to form an idea of ​​how well they fit into the specific requirements profile.

When we have a clear picture of our candidates after they have answered our well-considered questions in writing, we will contact them for an initial interview by phone. If everything still feels good, the next step will be a longer skills-based interview with us at Löwe Rekrytering AB.

We present you our selected candidates with a concise summary from our interviews and feedback on any personality tests the candidates have conducted if the requirements profile requires. 

In the candidates' CV that you receive from Löwe Rekrytering AB, we have removed factors such as appearance, gender, age and ethnicity so that only work experience and social skills should be in focus. Then you interview the selected candidates for a final interview at your location where our recruitment specialists are also present. 

Once you have selected the final candidates, we will call the four references that the candidates have stated in their CV, of which at least three former managers and a social reference will explain how the candidate is as a person. Once the recruitment is completed and the candidate is well in place, we will contact you every month for a feedback until the candidate's probationary position is transferred to a further position. This is assuming that we have run the entire recruitment process, with exclusivity, from ear to limp or have taken over your current recruitment process. If you as an employer do not want a new candidate from us, you will get your money back without any hassle.

We recruit and staff in Norrköping, Linköping, Västervik, Uppsala, Stockholm