We recruit and staff in Norrköping, Linköping, Västervik, Uppsala, Stockholm 

We have also introduced Löwe Intiutive Recruiter (LIR) in our initial recruitment process. According to the formal definition, LIR is an unsupervised self-learning artificial intelligent program (AI). It is capable of examining the language on a detailed level in the candidate's CV, which means that it reads word for word and sentence for sentence in the CV to see the competence suitability in what the candidate describes based on the required profile of the employer.

LIR enables the employer to now add a social requirements profile in addition to the advertised requirements profile. The candidate must now, to a greater extent than before, describe his own personality in the submitted CV to match the social requirements profile that the employer has linked to the advertised service 

When you contract Löwe Rekrytering AB for your recruitment needs, we guarantee a personal response with quality throughout the process and always have your employer brand and candidate engagement in focus. 

You will always have one and the same recruiter connected to your company to ensure that nothing falls between the chairs.

We also guarantee that you get the right candidate for the advertised service, provided that Löwe Rekrytering AB gets exclusivity for 30 days from the publication of the job advertisement and lets us manage the entire recruitment process from the preparation of the requirements profiles (social requirements profile and work competence) to the final interviews at your location. business. 

When the candidate starts employment with your company depends on the candidate's possible termination period with the current employer and nothing we can influence.