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Company personnel policy 

The company strives for all employees of the company to go to work without feeling discriminated against, frozen out or affected by unwelcome sexual approach of any kind. All individuals regardless of sexual orientation should enjoy working in Löwe Rekrytering AB. If any of our employees feel discriminated against, frozen out of or is subject to unwelcome sexual approach, they can come to us directly to the management team without feeling the fear of being reprimanded. The management team will immediately dismiss an employee who discriminates or freezes out another employee. 

The management's point of view is that unwelcome sexual approach are to be classified in accordance with sexual harassment which is subject to the law of public prosecution. The management will hand over all cases concerning sexual harassment to a prosecutor and will cooperate fully with the prosecutor to make the investigation as objective as possible. Should the court send any of our employees to jail on probable grounds for sexual harassment against another employee, the consequence is immediate dismissal of the person arrested. In parallel with the prosecutor's investigation, the management team will make a parallel internal investigation which will be handed over to the prosecutor. 

The employee who has been affected by sexual harassment will be able to be free from work on full pay and have access to a licensed psychologist to process the trauma. We believe in early efforts to prevent post-traumatic stress and provide the opportunity to heal at the individuals own pace. 

The management team noticed during the #metoo movement that other companies CEO and management team chose to systematically protect the individuals who engaged in sexual harassment against an other employees instead of acting in accordance with the general prosecution principle and immediately handing the case over to the prosecutor. 

The executives of these companies should feel ashamed to have had the protective practice when it comes to sexual perpetrators within their ranks. This does not exist here at Löwe Rekrytering AB and applies the principle that everyone is equal to the law regardless of position. We are a company that wants everyone's well being in the company and feel that here the individual can grow as a human being in order to reach the full potential.

Rosalie Ponce de Leon