The CEO has the floor

The company was founded because there is a market need for recruitment without experiencing discrimination where the candidate's work experience and social skills are central to the entire recruitment process. 

There is also a market need to introduce artificial intelligence into the initial recruitment process to effectively shorten the length of time from posting a vacancy ad to a person becoming employed. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, through our program Löwe Intiutive Recruiter (LIR), we can recruit in 30 days from publication of a vacancy advertisement until the appointment of the  service. 

It is also suggested that employers and employees put the cards on the table during the recruitment process to avoid accusations that one or other partner has been misled. An employer gets a job seeker based on the employment details described in the employment posting. 

My academic background is in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, which has been supplemented with educational courses in order to work as an educator. The initiative will hopefully lead to the next generation of young people being able to take on the complex challenges that exist in today's globalized world. A solid foundation of education is a prerequisite for being successful in working life 

We at Löwe Rekrytering AB believe that a company should have a worker union treaty where employees feel secure when they go to work. Security for the employees automatically leads to success in the company  

Rosalie Ponce de Leon