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We recruit and staff with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Norrköping, Linköping, Västervik, Uppsala, Stockholm 

Recruitment for Employers

Löwe Rekrytering AB administers all or part of a recruitment process and delivers suitable candidates so that you only do final interviews. We use Löwe Intiutive Recruiter, which is our AI. Welcome to contact Löwe Rekrytrering AB directly! 

Staffing through Löwe Rekrytering AB 

Here you will meet specialists with a broad network of contacts and long experience from the industry, but also newly graduated academics who want to show their feet for the first challenge in working life. Welcome to contact us directly! 

Our "ax to loaf" guarantee to you as an employer

Löwe Rekrytering AB pays the cost of the employment and the notice period, including the employer's contribution for both. We also find a new candidate for your company at no extra cost. This guarantee applies only if we handle the entire recruitment process from ear to ear. Should you not want a new candidate, you will receive the money back without any hassle. 

Employment seekers at Löwe Rekrytering AB 

Our customers make the assessment based solely on your competence, work experience and social skills. Our customer never sees what you look like, what you are called or your gender when the customer selects candidates for a final interview 

Seek for Employment

Employment seekers who want to test a new challenge can click Application

We are mainly looking for candidates on the academic side who are 

  • Rectors and Legitimated educators
  • Engineers / Civilengineers 
  • HR
  • Market and communication

Inhouse AI

We tailor AI algorithms to your company's unique needs. Examples of development opportunities are to relieve the heavy administrative tasks of your company so that decision makers get time for what is important!