Recruitment Staffing Engineers 

The most important strength of an engineer or technician is usually the ability to solve problems and a quick approach to the application of solutions involves complicated technical contexts. 

An engineer or technician has a minimal margin of error when it comes to implementing solutions or designing designs. This is because improper solutions or incorrect design execution can have serious consequences or high costs. 

Examples of this from the US where a concrete bridge was built and the carriageways did not prove to meet at the same level and the bridge pillars had to be demolished and re-cast from the beginning, at great cost. Therefore, in the best "engineering profile" you find a certain degree of caution that has to do with things being done correctly and right from the beginning.

Our AI algorithm Löwe Intiutive Recruiter (LIR) minimizes the risk of error recruitment because, in addition to using AI, we apply work samples when it comes to recruiting Engineers. Factors such as social competence such as the ability to fit into the group and customer management of suppliers in a socially accepted way. 

We are looking for engineers and Civil Engineers in all divisions 

We recruit and staff in Norrköping, Linköping, Västervik, Uppsala, Stockholm