Industry and Warehouse 

As the modern industry has become globalized, finding the right skills has never been fundamentally important. Not only do you have the right technical expertise and certifications, but you have to have a solid understanding of global inventory needs and production cycles. Of course, it is important to find the specific competence that matches the industry and its unique requirements. 

At Löwe Rekrytering AB, we understand the needs of the industry and know that it is among the peaks that the need for staff can come quickly and unplanned. We have staff who have a solid experience of hiring and recruiting the right person in industry, production and workshop. In order to handle fast inquiries, we work proactively to update our candidate bank and interview candidates on an ongoing basis. 

For us, it is important that we get to know you as a customer and your organization in order to be able to deliver high quality candidates. We do this with the help of our concept, which means that you always have the same contact person throughout the process. In this way we ensure that nothing falls between the chairs and that we have the right knowledge and understanding to be able to make the best match. 

Löwe Recruitment is available through our expansion from November 1st in the East and West coasts, which means we can help you with staffing and recruitment in industry, production and workshop at short notice. Fill out a request and we will contact you. 

We recruit and staff with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Norrköping, Linköping, Västervik, Uppsala, Stockholm