IT Konsult Harrison Perete

Software Engineer with 5+ Years of Experience in PHP, JavaScript, Python, DevOps, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, C, C++, Java.

Full-stack web developer and have ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, looking to create world class applications as part of a lean and mean team at an innovative company.


Software Engineer, Sr. Web Developer, Junior Software Engineer, Web developer instructor.

Competence and Tools

Languages: - PHP, JavaScript, Python, DevOps, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, C, C++, Java

Version Control: - Git , Jira/Trello

Operating Systems: - MacOS, IOS, Windows, Linux

Databases: - MongoDB, MySQL, sqlite


Frameworks: - Laravel, React, JQuery, Bootstrap, materialize css


2012 - 2015 Bachelor's degree in Computer Application at Dr. C.V. Raman Institute of Science & Technology

2012 - 2015 Earned a Diploma Certificate in Software Engineer


Garage48's e-Justice idea hackathon winner


Approximately 200 justice leaders, visionaries and IT developers across Europe visited Tallinn to attend the two-day e-Justice related conference by the Estonian Ministry of Justice and the idea hackathon by Garage48. On day one of the conference, e-Justice leaders and e-governance forerunners discussed ways to make the justice domain easier to access for Europeans, applying principles familiar in the digital world; on day two, decisions were adopted as to substantive onwards directions in the domain. As a result of team-based brainstorming and idea hacking simultaneously hosted by Garage48, practical technical solutions were set up to further develop the e-Justice field.


Fluent English

Relevant Assignments

Atop Web Technologies, Malmö - Feb, 2014 - now

Software Engineer

I helped startups and other companies to build dynamic web applications.

Communicated with clients and designed UX/UI mock-ups

Managing a small team of 4 developers

Developed Front-End and Back-End in LAMP STACK & MEAN STACK

Architect, design, built & test ACTA. Acta enabling AI in every meeting conference. AKA Meeting minutes - Automated Build with LAMP STACK. Technologies Used: PHP, Python Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Query, MySQL (RDBMS), SASS/LESS, Jira, Linux, RestFul API, Bootstrap 4 , Testing, C/C++ Complex Implementation of Algorithm. Work intensively with the backend I architect, deployed the backend api onto slack & Jira.

Built and maintained multiple web applications and created new software systems. Technologies Used: Mean Stack: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScripts (ES6 & ES7 +), ReactJs, Redux, MongoDB, Express, NodeJs, Unit Testing, WebPack, Postman, Jenkins, CI/CL, Babel, DevOps, AWS, Jest & Enzyme.

Designed & developed a point-of-sale app for coffeeDay Windows Based Application in India. Technologies Used: C/C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), VB.NET. SOAP API.

Designed an entire Real Estate Web Application The application provides property listings, realtors and contact inquiries. As a senior developer, I was instrumental in implementing core functionalities, such as the admin area etc. Technologies used: Python, Django framework PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScripts, AWS, Docker.

I helped startups and other companies to build dynamic web applications/ Desktop Application. Developed Front-End and Back-End in LAMP STACK & MEAN STACK Technologies and Implemented best coding practices to improve-project effectiveness.


Designed DevOps infrastructure from scratch for 12 product lines and developed CI/CD roadmap and implementing to the project.

Orchestrated Docker container cluster using Kubernetes/ Docker Swarm and Analysed, reviewed and finalised the design on tools implementation, build and deploymen automation for 30+ services. Wrote Ansible scripts to automatically update system components, saving 30% admin time.

Helped set up Vagrant, Ansible, and managed AWS resources.

Create and maintain fully automated CI/CD pipelines for code deployment using Octopus Deploy and PowerShell.

DevOps architect Terraform pipeline (enterprise scale): Kubernetes and Jenkins.

AWS services administration: IAM, VPC, Route 53, EC2, S3, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, Redshift, RDS, CloudWatch, CloudFormation.

IT Specialist:


C/C++ Networking Programming.

Web Programming for the Internet of Things.

Socket Programming.

Implementing a Secure Web Servers.


SharePoint, Active Directory, WAN/LAN, Office 365 / SharePoints, IT Support Level - Tier 1/2/3, Cisco Routers / Switches

Kommon Ground, Malmo ,Sweden - Feb,2018 - Now

Sr. Web Developer

Designed, built and maintaining Kommon Ground website, a company that partnered with Malmö city, aiming to reduce radicalization of children and young people from violent extremism.

Loraa Degree College, Remote, India - Feb 2017 - Now

Sr. Web Developer

Plan, Redesigned & developed loraa college website/application. I have been instrumental in defining the infrastructure of the project and have implemented many key elements for the project

Haildark Studios, Remote, USA - Sep,2014 - 2015

Junior Software Engineer

Haildark Studio a.k.a hailcube, sought to create applications that would disrupt entire markets by giving people the tools to make the world a better place in California. I helped in building a web phone base application that enables users to make calls online using different web technologies tools.

Loraa Business Academic, Bangalore, India - June,2012 - 2013

Web Developer Instructor

Run the web Development Program. Created, taught, and updated the curriculum based upon current web technologies and methodologies. Thoroughly taught HTML, CSS PHP/MSQL JQuery, XML, API, WordPress, Responsive Design frameworks Adobe Creative Suite Bootstrap, and Git etc.